Chief Operating Officer – Sanmark (2016 February – Present)

Sanmark is the only place I have worked! It was realized that the company’s definition of Project Manager didn’t match that of the industry standard. That lead to the introduction of a new position called Chief Operating Officer that entails some of the responsibilities of the previous Project Manager position and keeping the company healthy and well managed in a daily basis, while the CEO is concerned about the long term. I was assigned to the position.

Project Manager – Sanmark (2011 November – 2016 February)

As Sanmark’s Project Manager, I did requirement analysis, planning solutions, code review, Git administration, introducing new technologies and methods, enforcing standards, keeping the development team together, and leading to a successful product.

Trainee Web Developer – Sanmark (2011 August – November)

I did developing web sites and applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), PHP, and MySQL till I get my promotion as the Project Manager after working 3 months as a Trainee Web Developer.

Head – Team|RCMweb, Rahula College (2010 January – 2011 August)

Team|RCMweb is the team responsible for handling the official website and web TV channel of Rahula College and I headed it in the last two years of my time in Rahula College.

Webmaster – Team|RCMweb, Rahula College (2007 January – 2010 January)

Before I became The Head of Team|RCMweb, I worked as a webmaster in it for 3 years since my Grade 9.