Chief Operating Officer – Sanmark (2016 February – Present)

After being in the position Project Manager for a bit more than 4 years, my position was changed to Chief Operating Officer as a result of an internal restructuring process. The new position’s responsibilities entails keeping the company running as it should with the everyday tasks. COO also has to assist CEO with the long term planning.

Apart from the responsibilities of COO, I continue to take on the role of Project Manager for certain projects of the company.

Project Manager – Sanmark (2011 November – 2016 February)

After working as a Trainee Web Developer for 3 months, I was promoted to the position of Project Manager.

As Sanmark’s Project Manager, I did requirement analysis, planning solutions, code review, Git administration, introducing new technologies and methods, enforcing standards, keeping the development team together, and leading to a successful product.

Trainee Web Developer – Sanmark (2011 August – November)

Just after finishing my ALs, I joined Sanmark as a Trainee Web Developer. I did this because I was certain that I would fail the exam. I didn’t want to waste any time not doing a job. At the job, I used HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery to build websites.

I did developing web sites and applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery), PHP, and MySQL till I get my promotion as the Project Manager after working 3 months as a Trainee Web Developer.

Head – Team|RCMweb, Rahula College (2010 January – 2011 August)

During the last two years of my school life, I took on the responsibility of heading the Team|RCMweb. During this period I got to get even more experienced with web technologies. One of the most notable things I carried out was switching to WordPress to run the website, which they still use today.

Webmaster – Team|RCMweb, Rahula College (2007 January – 2010 January)

Primary task was to work with the rest of Team|RCMweb to keep the website up to date with the happennings of the school’s happenings. I joined Team|RCMweb when I was still in Grade 9. Thanks to this, I got an early chance to experiment with HTML, CSS, web designing, FTP, cPanel, and PHP.

We used to live stream the Cricket Big Match. This later transformed into RahulaTV, which is the official intermittent web TV of the school. It now airs during special occasions like Football Big Match, Sports Meet, and Prefects’ Oaths Ceremony, as well as the Cricket Big Match.